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Eastview High School Wrestling

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Where are they now


Class of 2020

Back row:  Yolanda Zhang, Allison Huberty, Payton Formaneck

Front row: Austin Gerisch, Mason Enderlein, Roman Gilbert, Noah Wever


Class of 2019

Back row: Max Alipate, Quinn Hoffman, Peter Swanson, Abe Joseph

Middle row: Alex Burdi, Cedric Warner, Gage Greenlee

Front row: Abby Lindgren, Emma Olson

Not pictured: Mark Norton

Max Alipate: Plans after graduation to be determined.

Quinn Hoffman: Plans after graduation to be determined.

Peter Swanson: Joined the Army National Guard and will attend the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN.

Abe Joseph:  Plans to complete generals at Inver Hills Community College.

Alex Burdi: Joined the Army National Guard.

Cedric Warner: Plans to attend the  University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire, WI.

Gage Greenlee: Plans to obtain Welding Certification at Dakota County Technical College.

Abby Lindgren: Plans on taking a gap year. Will be working, teaching Color Guard and hopefully travelling. Then plans to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.

Emma Olson: Plans to attend Winona State University and majoring in Biological Sciences.

Mark Norton: Plans to attend Creighton University, Omaha, NE.


Class of 2018

Back row:  Logan Estep, Adam Bass, Eric Schmidt, Charlie Dunne, Blake Plan, Kobe Alba

Middle row:  Trever Sharp, Noah Drehmel, Kyle Brusco, Bill Barretto, Micky Prommachai,  Brady O’Neil

Front row:   Morgan Van Waes, Abby Lien, Hope Gilbertson, Grace Florin, Marissa Munos, Steffi Frederickson, Lexi Hughes

Loga Estep (2019):  Private First Class Rifleman , US Marine Corps, Stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Trever Sharp (2019): Works at Cub Foods, Eagan, MN.

Noah Drehmel (2019): Studying Electrical Engineering at University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. Works as meat clerk at Hy-Vee.

Kyle Brusco (2019): Attending Luther College, Decorah, IA. Lives in Burnsville, MN.

Abby Lien (2019): Attending University of Iowa. Lives in Apple Valley, MN.

Hope Gilbertson (2019): Attending Luther College, Decorah, IA. Lives in Apple Valley, MN.

Grace Florin (2019): Attending Winona State University, Winona, MN. Lives in Apple Valley, MN.

Steffi Frederickson (2019): Lives in Eagan, MN.

Lexi Hughes (2010): Attending Winona State University, Winona, MN.


Class of 2017

Back row

2nd Middle row

1st Middle row: Chris Abbey, Carter Epperson, Will Florin, Alexa Hort

Front row: Brendan Formaneck, Alex Lindstrom

Chris Abbey (2019): Assistant Wrestling Coach at Eastview. Plans to attend St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN.

Carter Epperson (2019):  Studying mathematical statistics at University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. Works as package handler at UPS, Eagan, MN.

Will Florin (2019):  Studying at University of Minnesota Duluth. Works as a lifeguard at the Pool and Yacht Club, Lilydale, MN. Lives in Apple Valley.

Alexa Hort (2019):  Studying Health Promotion at Waldorf University, Forest City, IA.


Class of 2016

Back row: Blake Branch, Danny Arehart, Gavin Greenlee

Front row: Collin Dolejs, Tim Duffy, Hamsa Yusuf

Gavin Greenlee (2019): Works at The Krusty Krab. Lives in Eagan, MN.


Class of 2015

Back row: Antoine Giles, George Farmah, Grace Hagestad, Luke Dodd, Brett Hestness

Middle row: Andre Gaubert, Gage Alba, Shivang Tallapaka, Tom Delich, Casey Dravis

Bottom row: Jack Schliesman, Zach Praus, Zach Habeck, Eric Stumpf

Luke Dodd (2019):  Attends and will graduate this year from St. John's University, St. Joseph, MN - Global Business Leadership major and Economics minor. Earned numerous honors as a collegiate wrestler (NCAA Scholar, NCAA National Qualifier, Captain & MVP).


Class of 2014

Back row: 

Middle row: 

Front row: 


Class of 2013

Back row: 

Front row: 


Class of 2012

Back row: 

Front row: 


Class of 2011

Back row: 

Front row: 


Class of 2010

Back row: 

Front row: 


Class of 2009

Back row: Dijon Sanders, Byron Gray, Matt Franson, Bobby Ladd

Front row: Pat Cox, Scott Hogan, Ty Groskreutz, Billy Kor

Matt Franson (2019): Lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Bobby Ladd (2020):  Attended Iowa State University. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. Lives in Eagan, MN.

Scott Hogan (2019):  Studied at  University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Studied Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University.  Chiropractic Doctor (DC) at Anchor Chiropractic, Rogers, MN.

Billy Kor (2019): Attended University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. Secondary teacher at Calvary Classical Academy, St. Cloud, MN.


Class of 2008

Back row: Alex Bakardjier, Will Jackson, Bryan Okonek, James Pudwill, Dino Blundetto

Front row: James Lenz, Tony Nguyen, David Ly, Scott Kenning


Class of 2007

Back row: Jacob Nelson, Abebe Dessalegn

Front row: Dan Getzke, Jeff Hanson, Andrew Pudwill

 Dan Getzke (2019): Senior Data Platform Engineer at Cargill. Lives in Minneapolis, MN.

 Andrew Pudwill (2019): Works at Ameriprise Financial. Lives in Eagan, MN.

Class of 2006


Back row: Chris Becker, Chris Griepp, unk, Andrew Nelson, Chad Eul, Minh Huynh

Front row: unk, Josh Nelson, John Makabe, Nils Badrul

Unable to place: Justin Armstrong & Dillon Powell

Chad Eul: Attended Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN.

 Minh Huynh (2019): Studied Business marketing at Augsburg College, Mpls, MN. Works in  Sales at C.H. Robinson. Lives in Eagan, MN.

Class of 2005


Back row: Tom Chies, Kyle Wilson, Ryan Ruckdashel, Stephen McMoore

Front row: Michael Lebeis, Sam Voyles

Class of 2004


Back row: David Grogg, Ryan Langlais, Brian Wallenta, Cory Wagner, Jeremiah Foertsch, Fred Hwang

Front row: Kevin Eich, Jason Berve, Val Royzenfeld, Andrew Tighe, Pat Dea

Ryan Langlais (2019): Lives in Eagan, MN.

Jeremiah Foertsch (2019): Attended University of Northwestern.  Superintendent Substation Construction at Xcel Energy Minnesota. Married. Lives in Coon Rapids, MN.

Class of 2003


Top row: John Getzke, Nate Kocer, Andrew Lenertz, Kevin McBride

Bottom row: Randy Price, Chris Shuck, Jud Turk, James Voyles

John Getzke (2019):  Attended University of Minnesota Duluth. System Engineer at Federated Insurance Company. Married with one child and lives in Owatonna, MN.

Class of 2002



Top row: Kris Carson, Mikey Fornicoia, Mic Hale, Wade Halvorsen

Bottom row: Eric Lemm, Michele Nelson, David Pudwill, Adam Theisen

Mikey Fornicoia (2019): Owner Operator at Brown Box Tees, Apple Valley, MN

Eric Lemm (2019): Attended Iowa State University. Married. Lives in Tempe, AZ.

David Pudwill (2019): Director at ConvaTec. Lives in Greensboro, NC.

Class of 2001


Top row: Eric Budd, Rachel Davis, Adam Fokken, Jon Hanson

Bottom row: Adam Johnson, Cecilia Olsson, Brian Putnam, David Rasmussen

Adam Fokken (2019): Attended University of Wisconsin-Madison. Software engineer at Thomson West. Married. Lives in Eagan, MN.

Class of 2000


Top row: Dustin Bundy, Matt Davis, Nate Ernst, Brian Fedde

Bottom row: Adam Miller, Brad Okonek, Erinn Roos, Nick Thompson, Chris Verhaeghe

Brad Okonek (2019):  Attended North Dakota State University. Married with children.

Chris Verhaeghe (2019): Lives in Madison, WI.

Class of 1999


Top row: Anne Brown, Brandon Jones

Bottom row: Matt McDonald, Tony Rodin, Joe Theisen

1998 - Eastview had no senior graduating class during its first year.